Tag questions for dinnerminnnnzz

Ok here it goes big orange cousin xx


Let me see if I can think off 11 random facts about me…

1. I was named after a character in a NY based tv series

2. I only eat dry food

3. My mum thinks I have gingivitis ( I call it minty freshness)

4. I love a clean kitty litter tray ( not that it encourages me to use it)

5. My sister looks like kitler

6. I drink from the kitchen sink when no one is watching

7. I think about dying my hair

8. I love playing cat Olympics through the cat door

9. I am afraid of the big bad out doors

10. My mum has no idea that I steal her hair elastics

11. My dad doesn’t know how sneaky I can be with my chocolate bombs


Answers for dinnerminz

1. Favourite music is Keith Urban or MTV top 30
2. My big brother Cougar frightens me with his 9kg fat bags
3. I have a sister cat, brother cat, brother dog, mum, dad & two furless siblings
4. I have never gone outside the front fence line – the world is too big
5. My favourite toy was a little miss sunshine that came home with me when I was a kitten
6. I miss my little big brother all the time, he left to play over the rainbow bridge a year ago on June 4. RIP Mudji xx
7. I tell people I’m 7 as 49 is just too old for a cat
8. I would like to be remembered for my good looks & charm
9. I went on a big plane trip from Tasmania to Melbourne to meet my
human parents and live here
10. I admire all the humans that protect the poor fur creatures of the world & give them a voice
11. Blog is better but I’m just a learner


Now my questions for any keen Kool cats & dogs & peeps

1. Do you prefer summer or winter ?
2. Are you a sweet tooth?
3. Do you wish you were invisible sometimes and why?
4. Favourite colour
5. Favourite TV star
6. Do you have a special talent?
7. Most embarrassing moment ?
8. Your dream destination
9. Any regrets?
10. Night owl or early riser?
11. Favourite food ?

I have no idea how to tag as I am a dumb cream exotic

The ghost of my Christmas past

So a little about the rest of the family. I have a brother and a sister that are furless and one walks around on 2 legs and the other one crawls . They are noisy, annoying and demanding and that takes the spotlight off me which is not good. I am in fierce competition for my mums attention so during the Christmas period when the family was in full festive swing – I took things in to full festive slide and left some Christmas gifts for the furless ones on their play equipment