15 thoughts on “Enjoy your nespresso

  1. fozziemum says:

    Maurice ..one day your giant orange head will get stuck and the jig will be up !!! 😉

  2. They should fire this Mr. Clooney for the Nespresso commercial – you look much better than this guy!

  3. fozziemum says:

    See now easy has gone and given you a bigger head….just remember …fozziemum loves you xx

  4. 😀 Bet all my cats would do exactly the same if I had a milk frother. They leave it out, you get to take your drinks. Cats rule!

  5. Ms. Phoebe says:

    Hi Bosco! Nice to meet mew, I heard about mew from mewz lovely cuz Dinnermintz. I so wish my Mom had a milk frother, I would help myself to it too. I don’t know why humans get so upset about us drinking or eating from their stuff?! If it’s left out on the table or counter, it’s meant for EVERYONE to enjoy, am I wrong? Well in my expurrt ladycat opinion, everyone includes we CATS! Humans can be so greedy at times, it’s really unbecoming behavior. My favorite treat is vanilla ice cream, melted and soft. *drools at thought* My annoying fur bro Kaspars will wait and watch me lap it up- as if he thinks I will leave any for him to enjoy when I’ve finished. Stupid oaf!! MEWHAHAHA! He should know by now as Queen of the house, I not only will do no such thing but will give any leftovers to my doggie fur sister Sophie before I let him have it!! I have my reputation as a royal ladycat to uphold after all. MOL!
    Purrrrs, looking forward to more posts!

    • boscocat says:

      Lovely to meet you Ms Phoebe – you sound like one educated kitty !! Those humans are just too greedy wanting things for themselves .. Maybe u could try to whip up a vanilla ice cream sundae from your freezer and spread it around the windows for it to go nice & soft purrrrrssss Bosco

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