Senior ??? The vet said senior !!


What what what



But I only look the same as I did in this photo 7 years ago !! Don’t I?? Surely 7 isn’t senior?? What does this mean ?? Zimmer frame ?? glasses?? Puree food ?? What did she mean senior??? noooooo

11 thoughts on “Senior ??? The vet said senior !!

  1. fozziemum says:

    Poor Bosco…how rude are but a kitten still…perhaps the vet heard about your…toilet lapses? xxx

  2. Wit 7 years you aren’t a senior – you are in the best age … except it would bring you a lot of profit. Have a wonderful sunday!

  3. Rayya says:

    How dare she refer to you as senior!!! Oh Maurice, that would be have utterly traumatic for you to hear. You look super young and healthy and so don’t let those words scar you.
    Geriatric felines are defined as those equal to or greater than 8 years of age.

  4. boscocat says:

    Thanks Dr Rayya, the good news was all my bloods were super duper fine, which surprised my mum as I seem to drink all day and night (actually play with water). no PKD here ..I think the vet thought I was an everyday kind of moggie, not a super luxury expensive model.

    • fozziemum says:

      Luxury is right Maurice hahaha you are prime real estaTe MOL MOL
      lOVE pICKLES XXX Wiff no control of keyboardz cos fat patootie iz blind! MOL MOL

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