my Brother the white shepherd

my Brother the white shepherd

he he he he…photo bombing

so my brother is a white (but I think caramel and going very brown) shepherd. He is 11 years old and is a big dufus. He loves to eat a lot of food and make funny howling noises at nothing. He also just lies around on the grass all day and loves to drop huge meatballs on the lawn for mum to step in and get her shoes nice and chocolatey… He also has a neat trick of stealing T Bone steaks from the bbq and eating them or burying them for a week to make them nice and stinky then eating them…ewwwwww yucky Skii. Anyway we really love him, no actually mum loves him so we put up with him.. He looks possessed in this photo but he is a bit simple.. he is the photo bomber on the bottom right.. Well done Skii (what sort of stupid name is that anyway, you can’t even skii or snowboard)